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Contingent Assets is a professional recruiting firm that can help connect you with employers in your area of expertise. Contact with us today to find your next team.

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We'll help you find your next team.

It’s an honor to help good people find their next team. This  is a job that we take seriously and we work to find the best company that will help out candidates grow to their full potential. 

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Connect With Employers

We have been working with many employers for several years and have developed relationships that allow us to help network quality job seekers directly with decisions makers, owners, and C level executives. 


Our team will connect you with employers who may not be reachable otherwise.This increased access to potential employers can lead to more job opportunities.​


We help job seekers get their resume in front of more hiring managers and increase their chances of being hired.


We have extensive knowledge of the hiring process and the market for jobs. We can provide guidance to job seekers on how to improve their resume and interviewing skills, among other things.

Find your next team

We'll help you find an employer based on your requirements.

A recruiter can be a job seeker’s best asset when looking for new employment. A recruiter is someone who works with companies to identify and assess potential candidates for specific job openings. We can help connect you with employers that might be a good match for your skills and qualifications and can provide valuable insight into the hiring process.

Using a recruiter can save you a lot of time and energy in your job search. Our experienced team has access to job openings and we know how to identify which ones are the best fit for you.