At Contingent Assets we make it easy to find and review qualified and curated candidates. We’ll screen candidates and connect you with the right people so you don’t have to spend hours combing through resumes.

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We help you find vetted candidates that match your needs.

Our team will make it easy for companies at any scale to expand their own team when you work with our experienced recruiting professionals. We leverage the power of talent experts to help hiring Managers recruit top talent, faster.

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Find Pre-screened Employers and Candidates

Find candidates, post a job with us and find pre-screened candidates . We help you find candidates that match your exact job requirements. Save time screening potential employees. 


We specialize in finding the best talent for the most difficult-to-fill positions. We can help identify passive job seekers who may not be actively looking but would be a great fit for your company.


Our years of experience have taught us how to efficiently and effectively screen candidates for specific jobs and cultures.


We provide valuable insights into the job market and hiring trends that will help you make better decisions about your workforce

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The benefits of working with our recruitment team...

There are many benefits that employers can reap from using a recruiter to find job seekers. For one, a recruiter can act as an extension of the employer’s human resources department and can help identify qualified candidates for open positions.

Additionally, a recruiter can help build a talent pool of potential employees and can serve as a resource for finding qualified temporary or contract workers. By working with a recruiter, employers may have access to more candidates who are not actively looking for jobs, which can increase the chances of finding the best possible fit for the company.

Using a recruiter can help reduce the time and resources needed to find qualified candidates.